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Everyone’s got an opinion: partnerships, corporations, LLC’s. Which is right for you? DIY Legal provides you with an Ebook which explains, in plain English, how to choose the business entity that’s right for your business. What works for your neighbor isn’t necessarily what’s best for you. When you’ve finished, you’ll decide on the appropriate entity and be ready to move on to preparing the paperwork. 

Step by Step Instructions

After you’ve selected the entity that’s right for you, you’ll open the forms provided to you and follow along with a video that walks you through filling out each form. The narrator, an attorney with more than 20 years experience, explains exactly what you need to include, common mistakes to avoid, and tips that lawyers have learned over hundreds of filings on how to prepare the forms so that you get back a certified copy, and not a rejection letter. Government forms can be daunting. With DIY Legal, we take the confusion and guesswork out of preparing your paperwork. All for $35!

Hear What Others Have Said About DIY Legal!

"When we started our modeling website, we weren't sure if we should set up a corporation or an LLC. After reading the Ebook, we made the decision and quickly set up an LLC. The money we saved on lawyers went into our advertising budget!"
Summer & Tamara W.
Picture Perfect Pose LLC
"As an independent filmmaker, I wanted to formalize the relationships with my partners and raise money to make my films. DIYLegal.com explained how to do this in plain English. This advice would have cost thousands at a lawyer. Exceptional value!"
Demetrius N.
D Street Films LLC
"I'm an independent physical therapist and work as a contractor. I wanted to set up a corporation to protect my family and our assets. The videos walk you through the forms. I filed my paperwork that same afternoon. I couldn't believe how quick and simple it was to start my business."
Angela S.
Physical Therapist

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